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Anna Tyzack: Journalist for the Telegraph.

Anna Tyzack: Cards for Cancer Research UK by Anna Tyzack.

JT Fly Fishing: Champion fisherman and fly fishing guide.

Margaret Tyzack CBE: The late award winning actress.

Margaret Tyzack CBE: Geneology.

Michael Tyzack: The John Moores winning artist.

Scott Tyzack: Graphic Designer from Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Tyzack Book: Downloadable history of the Tyzack family.

Tyzack Genealogy: This site contains data about the history of the Tyzack family.


BWARS: Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society (British).

Bees for Development: Raising awareness about the value of beekeeping for poverty alleviation.

Help Save Bees: A campaign to promote bee awareness.

HK Honey: Beekeeping with the Chinese honey bee: Apis cerana.

Operation Bumblebee: Reviving the fortunes of the humble bumblebee across the entire UK arable farming area.

Plan Bee: The Co-operative has launched Plan Bee, a 10-point plan to help reverse the decline in the British bee population.

Other Interest

Sark Paintings: Home of Sark artist Rosanne Guille and La Maison Rouge Gallery.

Antblog: A budding community of ant enthusiasts. We study ants and track ants in the news.

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo: Japan's love affair with bugs.

Bug Girl: Anything insect. Blog by a professional entomologist.

Bug Squad Blog: The blog of Kathy Keatley Garvey, communications specialist for UC Davis Department of Entomology. The blog of

• Martin's Moths: A fascinating insight into the secret lives of moths and men.

Myrmecos: Alex Wild on insects, science, and photography.

The Dragonfly Woman: Entomologist dealing with issues relating to aquatic insects and water.

antARK: This site aims to introduce and uncover the impossibly large world of ants.

Artists for Nature Foundation: ANF acts as a catalyst for nature conservation by asking artists to capture the spirit of endangered landscapes and species in their natural habitat.

Buglife: The invertebrate Conservation Trust.

John Dumont: Sharing with the world a love of invertebrate biology.

The Spider Shop: Tarantulas and other Arachnids.

What’s that Bug?: An insect identification website.